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Episode 44: 5 New Home Design Stops and Starts

Jenni Lantz and Mikaela Sharp of the New Home Trends Institute join host Dean Wehrli to give us a comprehensive overview of ongoing and future home and design trends.

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Featured Guests

Jenni Lantz, Senior Manager of DesignLens, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Jenni manages the DesignLens membership including curating and writing the monthly editions, as well as supporting clients with their design and trend inquiries.

Before joining John Burns Real Estate Consulting in 2014, Jenni gathered years of experience in housing market research, marketing, and design support at Bassenian Lagoni Architects.

Jenni holds a B.A. in Theater from California State University, Fullerton. She is based in our Denver office.

Mikaela Sharp, Manager, Trends and Innovation, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

As the team’s resident Trend Watcher, Mikaela oversees JBREC consumer and design trend research. Mikaela also collects and analyzes data for compelling and timely demographic research.

Before graduating from the University of California, Irvine with a B.A. in Business Economics and joining the team full time, Mikaela began her career with John Burns Real Estate Consulting as an intern for both the Demographics and Marketing departments.

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