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Episode 54: Putting Aloe on the Burns of a Hot Market

Today’s market trends move as fast as Allyson Felix in the Tokyo Olympics (well, maybe almost as fast). Thankfully, Jody Kahn, our Senior Vice President, surveys local home builders overseeing 15%–20% of national new home sales every month to keep a close eye on these fast-moving trends.

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Jody Kahn, Senior Vice President, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Jody monitors housing markets nationwide, spearheading our builder and land broker surveys, and market ratings.  She specializes in analyzing markets and home building companies with an eye toward strategic planning and raising capital.

Before joining John Burns Real Estate Consulting in 2010, Jody served as Vice President for MPKA, a boutique investment banking firm where she participated in 85 builder mergers and acquisitions.  She was also a Loan Analyst for a pension fund advisor, and Director of Information Services for a Houston-based publisher of real estate reports.

Jody holds a B. S. in Economics from the University of Houston, and works in our New England office.

Jody enjoys upcycling trash into art, as well as teaching art at her synagogue’s school. She is also a veteran volunteer for Family Promise, a national faith-based organization that helps transitionally homeless families.

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