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Episode 57: Remaining Competitive in an Overly Competitive Market

If there used to be a hot tub full of cash for build-to-rent (BTR) deals, now there is an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Demand for BTR development is at an all-time high. BTR developers can usually outbid their competitors for land. Mike Moser, CEO of Starwood Land Advisors, explains to us how his team strategically focuses their investment efforts in the BTR and equally competitive general residential development world.

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Mike Moser, CEO, Starwood Land Advisors

Mike Moser is CEO of Starwood Land, a real estate investment firm that specializes in residential land development. In this role, Mike is responsible for managing the consolidated operations of Starwood Land. He also oversees all acquisition and asset management activities in the United States. Prior to joining Starwood Land in 2007, Mr. Moser spent nearly 13 years at Taylor Woodrow, a U.K.-based public homebuilder, where he served as Division President of the U.S. Tower Division and Southeast homebuilding operations. Mike received B.S. degree in business administration from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX. He holds Florida Broker’s and Community Association Manager’s licenses and is a Member of the PGA of America.


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