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Episode 58: How iBrokers Will Change How We Buy Homes

You would not go to a second website to pay for your Amazon order, so why should you have to deal with multiple groups when purchasing a home? That is what inspired Court Cunningham to start Orchard. Orchard is providing next-level service by integrating almost the entire home buying process onto one platform. Keep reading below to learn how Orchard is innovating as an “iBroker” (a term cleverly coined by our host Dean Wehrli).

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Court Cunningham, Co-Founder and CEO, Orchard

Court Cunningham is Co-Founder and CEO of Orchard. Court is a serial entrepreneur who scaled Yodle (small business marketing automation) and Doubleclick (email marketing platform) prior to founding Orchard.

Orchard is transforming the way people buy and sell their homes from search to close. Simplifying it to the way it probably should have always been; fair, true to market, straightforward, easy. Orchard offers consumers AI-powered home discovery, on-demand home buying so customers can buy their new home before they sell their old home, and a modern digital closing, all for the same fee as traditional brokers.


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