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Episode 67: Is the Broken Housing Supply Chain Starting to Mend?

For this episode of The New Home Insights podcast we talked to not one but two experts. Greg Brooks with the Executive Council on Construction Supply and our own Chris Beard at John Burns Real Estate Consulting both closely monitor the building products space. Greg and Chris joined us to share their insights on housing supply chain disruptions, what’s happening right now, and what might the future hold.


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Featured Guests

Greg Brooks, Moderator of the Executive Council on Construction Supply, and editor of LBM Executive

Greg Brooks is president of the Building Supply Channel, Inc., moderator of the Executive Council on Construction Supply, and editor of LBM Executive. He’s a founding editor of ProSales, author of the NLBMDA’s Scope of the Lumber & Building Material Industry, a steering committee member at the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies, and a 50-year veteran of the construction supply industry with 18 years’ experience in the field.

Chris Beard, Director of Building Products Research, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Chris works with clients on strategic business questions within the building products industry.

Prior to joining John Burns Real Estate Consulting, Chris worked as Strategic Insights Manager at Pella Corporation. While there, he led corporate strategy and competitive intelligence, including market size and share, as well as market insights for industry associations customers. Chris has worked in the building products industry for over 10 years with a variety of clients.





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