New Home Insights Podcast Episode 72: Eric Finnigan | John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Episode 72: Is the Remodeling Boom about to Go Bust?

Eric Finnigan of John Burns Real Estate Consulting is a thought leader in the remodeling space. Let Eric walk you through the basics, the nuances, the future, the economics, and even the demographics, of the remodeling world.


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Eric Finnigan, VP of Research and Demographics, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Eric oversees several research and consulting reports covering the building products space, including the U.S. Remodeler Index. He is based out of Boulder, Colorado.

Prior to joining John Burns Real Estate Consulting, Eric served as a Vice President of Research & Investment Strategy at Clarion Partners in New York, where he was responsible for spotting commercial real estate investment themes and opportunities for the firm’s institutional clients. Prior to that, he oversaw real estate research, forecasting, and consulting as a Vice President at Rosen Consulting Group in Berkeley, CA. Eric holds an M.A. in Economics from Fordham University.

In his free time, Eric enjoys reading, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and stand-up comedy.






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