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Episode 73: Building the Perfect Place One Home at a Time

Kris Maher, Senior Vice President of Design at Rancho Mission Viejo, heads up a “creative collective” that guides their master plan placemaking. Join us for some of the lessons Kris has taken to heart, and her thoughts on placemaking—not just next year, but ten years from now.


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Kris Maher, Architect and Senior Vice President of Design, Rancho Mission Viejo

Kris is a Senior Vice President in Community Development at Rancho Mission Viejo. She joined Rancho Mission Viejo in 2014 after serving as a full time consultant for over ten years in a variety of capacities. She is currently responsible for overall urban planning and community design. Kris manages a design team that is responsible for all landscape, parks, amenities, design review and residential product prototyping and development. Kris’ experience is multi-faceted and encompasses more than 30 years with some of the leading architects, home builders and developers in Southern California including Bassenian Lagoni Architects, A-M Homes, Greystone Homes, Catellus Residential Group and Brookfield Homes. A licensed Architect, Kris received her Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences from San Diego State University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of California at Irvine.ate research, forecasting, and consulting as a Vice President at Rosen Consulting Group in Berkeley, CA. Eric holds an M.A. in Economics from Fordham University.






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