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Episode 76: Opendoor and the Future of iBuying

iBuying exploded onto the housing scene a few years ago with the potential to change how we buy and sell our homes. After Zillow and Redfin exited the sector, Opendoor now controls the lion’s share of the iBuyer market. But as higher mortgage rates and the threat of economic slowdown have slowed housing in general, where do Opendoor and iBuying go from here?

On this episode of New Home Insights, Dean Wehrli talks with Alex Toth and Derek Schairer, who manage Opendoor’s home builder program, about how Opendoor plans not only to survive but thrive as they evolve.


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Featured Guests

Alex Toth, General Manager, Opendoor Homebuilder Partnerships

Throughout his 6 years at Opendoor, Alex has focused on transforming the customer experience for new construction home customers and professionals alike. Since 2017 he has helped fuel over $4 billion in new home sales for Opendoor’s home builder partners, which include 8 of the top 10 national builders, as well as local builders throughout the country. He was Opendoor’s first employee focused on the new construction space, and now leads a team of over 25 sales, business operations, marketing, and engineering professionals nationwide. Recently, Alex was named as one of ProBuilder’s 40 Under 40.

Derek Schairer, General Manager, Opendoor Homebuilder Partnerships

Derek has been a leader in the homebuilding industry for the majority of his career, including serving as the Director of Internet Sales & New Media for Lennar prior to joining Opendoor in 2017. As Opendoor’s General Manager of Homebuilder Partnership, Derek has been pivotal in helping homebuilders connect with customers through traditional and digital-first solutions. He has expanded the program to 48 markets (including 23 in 2021 alone), and manages partnerships in over 2,000 homebuilder sales offices across the country. Derek was recently named as a 2022 HousingWire Rising Star in the real estate industry.




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