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Successful Online Marketing Strategies during the COVID-19 Crisis

Dean Wehrli interviews Zach Williams from the digital marketing agency Venveo to learn what strategies are working best today.


Episode Takeaways

  • The best online promise is often beating out the best product, much to the dismay of some.
  • Home Depot and Lowe’s have responded beautifully, focusing on DIY content that is driving all sorts of traffic to their web site and physical stores—and regaining share from Amazon.
  • Homeowners are spending big on DIY projects, and the warmer weather recently has shifted their focus from interiors to exterior paints and hardscaping.
  • Home design-related searches have spiked, which is a potential positive for future moving, since that is something residents can’t easily change about their current home.
  • Consumers are doing more online research than ever, but it is still resulting in physical store purchases. 96% of purchases start online, but only 6% finish online. Some companies like Clare Paint have gotten creative with their Perfect Color Swatches and are making painting look easy.

One certainly permanent change from the COVID-19 crisis is that the tech-laggard companies and consumers are now fully on board.

Follow and listen to Zach on Venveo’s podcast, Smarter Building Materials Marketing.



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