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Surging Home Buying vs. Quality Home Renting

It never ceases to amaze me how great interviewers can extract so much information in only two minutes. Here are the highlights of what I shared on CNBC earlier this week:


  • Surging home sales. “Something happened in the middle of September where the country woke up and started buying homes again.”
  • Single-family renting. “The biggest shift we have seen in the last six years is these new, professionally managed single-family rental companies who have now made it a very reasonable thing to do…Almost 12% of America is renting a single-family home. Instead of renting it from some person who might be on vacation, you actually have a real company now who will take care of you as a landlord.”
  • The Fed. “They used the housing market as a tool to get us through the 2001 recession if you remember. Housing is not being overbuilt right now, and so if the economy slows, I think they are going to turn to housing again and stimulate the economy with housing.”

Our home builder and landlord clients have both been performing well lately. I sense a shift from renting to owning right now, although I don’t believe it will be permanent due to the demographic headwinds cited in our book.


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