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The 4 Big Demographic Influencers


In episode 5 of our podcast, consulting leader Dean Wehrli interviews John Burns regarding the 4-5-6 rule for demographic-based decision making, which is covered in chapter 3 of the book Big Shifts Ahead. Click here to subscribe to future episodes.


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Conversation highlights include:

  • Government policies continue to shift housing demand, including the impact of presidential appointees now setting policy on 70% of all mortgages.
  • The Great Recession had very different and lasting impacts on millennials, mature families, empty nesters, and retirees.
  • Home builders are behind the curve on smartphone adoption because the consumer is using great apps designed for the resale market to start their home search.
  • Builders are now getting the same consumer feedback on virtual reality tours as on tours of real model homes.
  • The rise in female education levels and dual income households has shifted demand.
  • Smart homes aren’t really that smart…yet.

Learn more about the 4 big influencers and how they factor into the 4-5-6 rule by picking up a copy of Big Shifts Ahead.


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