The Light: 200 Companies Revolutionizing Housing

The Light: 200 Companies Revolutionizing Housing

We’ve identified 200 players driving a new hyper data-driven, technology-fueled, and institutionally backed housing investor ecosystem. Almost none of these companies existed during the mid-2000s housing boom and they’re without a doubt accelerating today’s housing recovery.

The 200 companies we identified are best categorized into four groups as shown below:

The following list of all 200 companies is not 100% comprehensive. That said, we tried our best to include all the companies publicly advertising their participation:

Investors purchase 20% of all homes sold nationally today (combining resale and new) and are shooting higher in many major as well as secondary markets as seen below.

The prevalence of investors across most major housing markets does lead us to believe there is a potential for a home price boom in the short term. Subsequently, the odds of a more measurable price correction in the future will also rise if/when housing demand inevitably wanes or capital finds alternative outlets.

We will be monitoring investor activity as closely as we can to help you invest with as much clarity as possible.

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