The Light: New Homes Improve Your Health

The Light: New Homes Improve Your Health

New homes improve resident health in many ways, from reducing mold and odor to circulating healthier air throughout the house.

Let’s spread the great news!

Here are three steps you can take to increase new home sales:

1. Sell the lifestyle benefits, not the features
It is not enough to list features and certifications: Only 5%–15% of homeowners would value a home substantially more if it had a low HERS score, Indoor AirPlus, or was LEED certified. Our New Home Trends Institute survey showed that marketing a healthy lifestyle (e.g. “purified air” or “easy to clean”) resonates MUCH BETTER than selling materials and features (e.g. “low VOC paint” or “antibacterial surface”).

2. Make the benefits visual and easy to understand.
Healthy home features are often invisible. Consider how easy-to-understand graphics or displays (like the David Weekley model home here) can make superior construction obvious. 

3. Capitalize on the health craze.
The New Home Trends Institute finds that 76% of homeowners are taking more steps to promote their physical health than in a year prior. Help buyers connect the dots that “home” is part of the health equation. Thrive Home Builders’ ad below caters to their organic-shopping young family buyers with the following message: “What she’s breathing is just as important as what you’re feeding her.”

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