The Light: Suite Solutions for Stronger Sales

The Light: Suite Solutions for Stronger Sales

New homes featuring multigenerational suites (suites with private entries) are selling very well these days. While homes that include one of these suites account for only 5% of recent new home purchases,1 34% of recent buyers would have been more likely to purchase the home they selected if it had a suite with a private entrance.

What are the suites used for?

One of the major benefits of these private suites is flexibility, supported by the fact that the top three uses are2:

  1. Guest space
  2. Home office
  3. Space for a parent or adult child

Private suite as guest space

Our Home Buyer Preferences report found that 40% of homeowners agree with the statement “I often have guests in my home and need extra room(s) to accommodate them.” The Sabino plan of Lofts at Haven allows for the inclusion of guest space without forcing the homeowner to trade off a bedroom: what comes standard as a game room can be upgraded into a full guest suite, complete with a kitchenette, attached bathroom, and walk-in closet. This option—unique for a high-density detached home—was popular with buyers, helping make Sabino the top-selling plan.

Private suite as home office

The second-story casita of the Banyan Collection at Isles of Collier Preserve is modeled as a formal office, a smart choice today as our Work-from-Home report indicates that 51% of workers will work from home part or full time this year, up from 33% before the pandemic. The space is located upstairs—the most-preferred spot for a home office, according to homeowners—and is distanced from the recreation room by a balcony, creating outdoor access and privacy.

Private suite as space for a parent or adult child

18% of recent new home buyers purchased their home with plans to accommodate an adult child, elderly parent, or other family member / friend.

The optional GenSmart Suite of Beacon at Sundance can be accessed from the main house but also has a private entrance off of the entry courtyard. With its private access and spacious interior, the suite would work well for aging parents, boomerang children, or even adult children with kids. The builder reports that some mature couples have bought the home with the intention to live in the primary residence now, and eventually move into the GenSmart Suite, while their grown children live in the main house, so they can travel. In this more value-oriented market, the builder is seeing about 10% of buyers choose this expensive upgrade.

Our DesignLens database can help you stay on top of home design trends like the multigenerational suite, including differences by region and price point. To learn more about how this trend is changing floor plan layouts, please contact Jenni Nichols.

1 Eliant survey of 954 recent new home buyers from Aug. – Sept. 2021.

2 Ibid. 

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