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The Minds behind the Best-Selling Master Plans of 2020 (Part 2)

Last week we spoke to three industry leaders representing several of the top 50 best-selling master plans in 2020. The second part of this two-part podcast provides some great lessons learned from three more major players.

In part two we talked to:

Colleen Edwards, Marketing Director at River Islands

Colleen Edwards with River Islands in Lathrop, California (#24):

“What I’m finding is you got to stay really flexible in a time like this and just practice ice skating backwards…while juggling live eels. You just have no control. You have to keep the smile and try to be smart all the time for everybody. You know how they used to say in many master plan campaigns: ‘This is a place to live, work, play, whatever.’ [Now] I think the big word for people is belong. People want to put down roots. They want to feel like this is going to be their place, that it’s not just a transitory place going someplace better.”

Laura Cole, Senior Vice President at Lakewood Ranch

Laura Cole at Lakewood Ranch near Sarasota, Florida (#2):

“We’re in Florida, in Sarasota, which of course has been a magnet for in-migration. We’re fortunate to be in a great geographic area, but I think if you had to point to one factor, it would be Lakewood Ranch’s multi-generational appeal. And that’s particularly come into play during COVID because we were just starting, we were at the ready with a lifestyle and home offerings that really met the intense demand that came from COVID across the pricing spectrum and across the demographic spectrum.”

Christen Johnson, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Johnson Development

Christen Johnson, Johnson Development with Sienna (#16), Cross Creek (#36), and Harvest Green (#41) in Houston, and Trinity Falls in Dallas (#49):

“One of the things I love is the art that we put in our communities. If you go to any of our communities, you’ll see we’ve got a giant chair and veranda, which is kind of fun. It’s interactive. We’ve got some quirky things like Texas’s largest carrot in Harvest Green. Also in Harvest Green, 70% of the landscaping is edible. If you’re cooking dinner, you can literally walk outside and get some herbs and seasoning to put in your dinner. And so, we’re not just building communities for people to buy a house. This is a lifestyle that people can live for many, many years to come and make great friendships and enjoy all the offerings that we provide.”

Tune into the podcast now to hear a ton more about some of the best master plans in the country. If you missed part one, click here to listen.

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