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The Rise and Evolution of the Single-Family Rental Industry


Consulting leader Dean Wehrli volunteered to host our new podcast. You never know what to expect from Dean. Click here to subscribe to future episodes.

For episode 2 of our New Home Insights Podcast, Dean talks with Rick Palacios Jr., our Director of Research, on the quickly evolving single-family rental (SFR) industry.

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Conversation highlights include:

  • Debunking SFR industry misperceptions
  • Breaking down institutional vs. mom and pop SFR ownership
  • Technology’s critical role in SFR
  • Growth potential for the SFR industry
  • Emergence of build-to-rent and home builder/SFR operator partnerships

Please reach out to Rick if you’re interested in hearing more about our SFR research subscription services at (949) 870-1244 or by email.

Follow Rick on Twitter: @RickPalaciosJr


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Rick Palacios Jr If you have any questions, please contact Rick Palacios Jr. at (949) 870-1244 or by email.