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Timing, Timing, Timing in 2012

There is no better time to find talent than today, so we are making a big addition to our management team, adding Carl Reichardt Jr. as our new Managing Director of Research. Carl will help translate all of the great research we already do into great decisions for each of our clients, and make sure we continue to identify and analyze new housing trends so our clients stay many steps ahead of the competition.

Carl was a highly ranked housing analyst from 2003-2010 at Wachovia/Wells Fargo Securities. Prior to that, he worked at a private home builder for three years and at Montgomery/Banc of America Securities. Here are some highlights:

  • Highly Ranked – Carl was ranked in the top six among home building analysts in both the Institutional Investor and Greenwich Associates polls all eight years at Wachovia/Wells. Carl was a member of the II All-America Research team three times and was a Wall Street Journal All-Star Analyst three times.
  • Excellent Industry Reputation – Carl has excellent relationships and insight with housing industry executives. One public builder CEO I interviewed said “I wish I had the budget to hire him.” Another CEO called his launch piece “the best research ever written on our company.”
  • Outstanding Investor Network – Carl regularly speaks with investor clients, and hosted an annual event that drew 200+ investors every year.
  • Insightful – Carl is well known for his August 2005 home builder stock downgrade at the same time that many analysts were extremely bullish. He has been quoted and interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, CNNfn, the New York Times, Fortune and others.
  • Great Education – Stanford MBA and Georgetown BA.
  • Client Focus – His passion is the same as mine – client interaction and translating great research into great client decisions.

Carl is opening our San Francisco Bay Area office. He and I also went to the same high school and share a passion for the San Francisco Giants, which will help me deal with all of the Dodgers’ fans I see daily.

Carl and I share a similar outlook for the industry and are passionate about helping our clients pay the right price in the right location at the right time. As we look forward with trepidation about the implications of excessive government debt and the unprecedented number of distressed homes yet to be sold, we see a long-term future of housing that is bright due to tremendous pent-up demand and phenomenal rental and homeownership affordability. Investors have long stated that successful real estate investing is all about “location, location, location,” but we also know it is about having the right “timing, timing, timing.”

I hope 2012 is the right time for your business

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